Armour is a protective covering, used to prevent damage. Damage inflicted by the direct contact of weapons – during combat, or caused by a potentially dangerous environment or action. Our hearts are not a demilitarised zone. There is no main defensive wall of fortification. A place constantly targeted by sanctions. Pink mist, abundant. How can we […]

Death Of The Author: Sylvia Plath & Sir Thomas Wyatt

Is Knowledge of both writing and reading contexts important to our understanding of texts? In answering the question as to whether or not the knowledge of both reading and writing contexts is important to the understanding of texts, I have chosen to use the texts ‘The Hind’ by Sir Thomas Wyatt[1] and ‘Daddy’ by Sylvia […]


Perpetually stuck in a revolving door of anarchy. In the most simplest of forms, I am a mess. A delirium of unpredictability. Soft mayhem. Chaos. A predestined fate followed out incorrectly. A predictable direction, veered off course. A plan that never goes to plan. An abundance of unknown. The arrhythmia of a dying heart. Humanity […]