The New Panopticon: Social Media

Is it possible that Facebook, instagram, and any other social media you can think of, is imprisoning us? Setting guidelines on how we behave and interact on social media? Are we subscribing to our own imprisonment? The Panopticon is a building designed by the English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham, the concept of the […]

Did the French Revolution succeed?

In answering the question as to how the French revolutionaries succeeded and failed with their ambitions, it is important to address certain questions such as; what were the French revolutionary’s ambitions?, how did they succeed and fail those ambitions?, what was the real prepose for the revolution? And how did the old regime contrast with […]

Cemeteries: Past, Present, & Future.

How has the notion of a cemetery evolved for both the living and the dead, and what should we expect for its future? In addressing this question it is imperative that we focus on looking at it through a sociological, anthropological, philosophical and ethical framework for the deceased, the living and the surrounding culture. When […]

Alchemy & The Soul

The Alchemists used philosophy and science to try and transform “base metals” to “noble metals” – like lead to gold; almost like magic. This was an unsuccessful process with metals, however, this process became a valuable template for the understanding of our human capacity. Inked in my skin is the symbol of an alchemical process. […]