Little Red Riding Hood: An Allegory

Jack Zipes has collected 31 versions of the story Little Red Riding Hood for this book, dated from 1697 to 1979, his collection includes plays, poems and stories. Zipes introduces each story with an essay that examines the themes of the story, mainly sexuality and the role of women, and sets a cultural context for […]

Human Oddities: Genetics

I have a friend who was a palliative care nurse and is now a mortician. We briefly worked together and got along like a house on fire, we spent our lunch breaks discussing her thoughts on euthanasia, she even gave me a great story for one of my ethics assignments. A woman who didn’t finish […]

Men and Women: Professional Gender Roles

It is evident that the roles of men and women have changed drastically in the last century and although they have progressed and changed it is also evident that they are far from being equal. Even though we still have gender roles, it is clear that the ideas, meanings and values placed on these roles […]

Dadaism and Futurism; What Are These -isms?

“They are both destructive, Futurism only on the exterior. In Dadaism this is deeper; they want to dismantle our inner, spiritual and moral constructions.” – Fons Heijnsbroek Dadaism and Futurism both focus on an ideology rather than being considered an art movement. Futurism aimed to express the achievements of science and technology and reflect the […]

Apocalypse Now: Sound, Image, & Editing

Let’s talk about the role of sound, image, and editing. Specifically in the film Apocalypse Now, directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1979. The opening scene – sound, image and editing are the pivotal elements and techniques that make this scene so incredible and captivating. The scene starts with a passive serene jungle, interrupted by helicopters […]


Perpetually stuck in a revolving door of anarchy. In the most simplest of forms, I am a mess. A delirium of unpredictability. Soft mayhem. Chaos. A predestined fate followed out incorrectly. A predictable direction, veered off course. A plan that never goes to plan. An abundance of unknown. The arrhythmia of a dying heart. Humanity […]

The Bad Day

Wrong. Today has been the wrong day. From beginning to end. Everything that could have gone wrong, did. You know those days, the days that it seems like the world is picking on you personally? Every so often, we all have them. What’s behind this? Is it some karmic payback for having your shit together […]