Wuthering Heights: Marriage, Patriarchy, & Gender Conventions

Wuthering Heights, a literature nerd’s dream! Let’s take a deeper look into the way marriage, patriarchy, and gender conventions play throughout this novel. Specifically, lets focus on how far Catherine’s marriage choice in Wuthering Heights is influenced by the patriarchal attitudes and gender conventions of her society. Catherine’s marriage choices were greatly influenced by the … More Wuthering Heights: Marriage, Patriarchy, & Gender Conventions

Alchemy & The Soul

The Alchemists used philosophy and science to try and transform “base metals” to “noble metals” – like lead to gold; almost like magic. This was an unsuccessful process with metals, however, this process became a valuable template for the understanding of our human capacity. Inked in my skin is the symbol of an alchemical process. … More Alchemy & The Soul