A single fingerprint can reveal so much about who you are, your unique identifier in this infinite expansion of time and space. An impression left by the friction of your finger. An identifier that is detailed, unique, unchanging, and durable over the span of your life – making it the perfect marker and symbol of […]

Rust & Stardust

Intimate relationships, much like the cosmos, have laws. Laws of attraction, laws of chemistry, and laws of physics. I’ve often wondered why it is that some couples are perfect for each other, and others seem to perpetuate poetic catastrophe. I’ve dreamt up this great correlation between the rules of the planets and the rules of […]

A Thing Of Beauty – The Male Species

There’s so much poetry written about women. An endless fascination with their beauty, character, and bodies. Women – the inspiration for art, muses for the artist. A woman can hold a gaze in a way that no man can recreate, she is the centrepiece of every room, the moon amongst the stars. Women are empowered […]

Why Is The Mystery Of Dating Obsolete?

There I stood in a fresh farmers market, my hand reaching down to pick a ruby red delicious apple, when all of a sudden another hand reached to pick the same one. I looked up into big green eyes and a handsome smile. I apologised, gave him the apple and walked a few steps to […]

Why Do We Connect?

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that “There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.” Simply put, human connections vary with every different relationship. You will never have an identical connection with one partner as you will have with the next. But do we actually have the same love/connection with […]

The Architecture Of Ended Love

Once you love someone, can you ever really un-love them? Once you truly feel love, what happens to it? Does love spontaneously combust? Or does it stay there, missing you, waiting patiently for the moment you’re ready to be loved again, if ever? The other day I visited my father, he was renovating my grandmothers […]

A Sheep Amongst The Wolves: A Humane Humanity

I have an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest. On the day of my 25th birthday I fell into a state of distrust. It was like a virus had been released, infiltrating the vein, mutating the mind. Humanity, my species, had changed. Every interaction subdued by blood thirst. I was told […]