Fetish: Shibari

Shibari. Kinbaku. Rope. Bondage. Shibari originated from Hojo-jutsu, a method of restraining captives and a form of torture, before morphing into the erotic bondage Kinbaku – which literally translates to “the beauty of tight binding”. Central to the art is creating patterns that contrast and complement the natural curves of the (traditionally female) body. The … More Fetish: Shibari

Fetish: Rouge

Daveion Thompson’s Chapitre Un; Rouge –  the first chapter in his series of visual stories exploring love, youth, sexuality and the curated social image. It is said; The apple from the garden of Eden, was none other than the purest of reds, enticing. Red. My favourite colour. We can’t see it, but it’s the colour that courses through … More Fetish: Rouge

Fetish: Auralism

I’ve always had an affinity for voices. While many people draw desire from the aesthetics of others, I can’t help but feel forced to plead the case for aural beauty. How is it that we can identify someone so specifically through the sound of their voice? This concoction of tone, frequency, amplitude, waveform, pitch, volume … More Fetish: Auralism