Moments Of Tangency

You and I have never met many times before. Our paths might have crossed once or twice, standing in a line, passing in the street. But, against incredible odds, we miss each other every time. Accidental strangers who just happened to miss their cue. Neither having any idea that the other even exists. It’s hard … More Moments Of Tangency


rɪˈfrakʃ(ə)n/ noun PHYSICS The fact or phenomenon of light being deflected in passing obliquely through the interface between one medium and another or through a medium of varying density. The focusing characteristics of an eye or eyes Other: The way you see yourself through the eyes of another. The way light passes through glass and … More Refraction

Tim VS Tim

Last year I was in a car accident. Nothing too dramatic, three lanes. Me on the far right, the man in the far left – and we both merged into the middle lane, and each other. I had merged into a very creepy 60 year old man named Tim. I stored Tim’s details in my … More Tim VS Tim

Rust & Stardust

Intimate relationships, much like the cosmos, have laws. Laws of attraction, laws of chemistry, and laws of physics. I’ve often wondered why it is that some couples are perfect for each other, and others seem to perpetuate poetic catastrophe. I’ve dreamt up this great correlation between the rules of the planets and the rules of … More Rust & Stardust

Writer’s Block & Recalibration: Nabokov’s Lolita

My pallet has lost its vibrancy, colours mixed in the wrong equation. My paintbrush has dried up, boar bristles jagged and harsh. My toolbox, playing hide and seek. I stare at my canvas and despise what I have created – dullness – I loath it. The theory has overpowered the aesthetic. The rush has displaced … More Writer’s Block & Recalibration: Nabokov’s Lolita

A Thing Of Beauty

There’s so much poetry written about women. An endless fascination with their beauty, character, and bodies. Women – the inspiration for art, muses for the artist. A woman can hold a gaze in a way that no man can recreate, she is the centrepiece of every room, the moon amongst the stars. Women are empowered … More A Thing Of Beauty