Rust & Stardust

Intimate relationships, much like the cosmos, have laws. Laws of attraction, laws of chemistry, and laws of physics. I’ve often wondered why it is that some couples are perfect for each other, and others seem to perpetuate poetic catastrophe. I’ve dreamt up this great correlation between the rules of the planets and the rules of our love lives.

I find it endlessly fascinating how two people can come together in such harmony that it’s almost inconceivable. It becomes similar to the concept of earth, a planet with breathable atmosphere, sustainable climate, copious amount of water, an ideal proximity to the sun, an ozone layer, and a magnetic field, easy – ability to support life/love.

While another two people can consume each other in a burst of love and incompatibility, like two unsuspecting black holes, orbiting one another, until gravity pulls them closer, both feeding off each other, their pending collision sending ripples through the fabric of time and space. The two come so close to each other that escape is impossible, the cycle is locked in, an embrace and collision, merging them into an all consuming, light destroying bigger black hole. The same can be seen with two incompatible lovers, dangerous and consuming, but lovers nonetheless.

Gravity and attraction, orbits and compatibility, magnetic fields and chemistry, heat and sustainability, we truly are made of rust and stardust.

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