The Bad Day


Today has been the wrong day.
From beginning to end. Everything that could have gone wrong, did.

You know those days, the days that it seems like the world is picking on you personally?
Every so often, we all have them.

What’s behind this? Is it some karmic payback for having your shit together too often?
Is it a lack of preparation? Or purely something that’s out of our hands?

It progressively gets worse throughout the day.

Your alarm just happens to not work. For the past 360 days, it’s woken you up on time been heavily reliable. Not today. Today it decides not to, for some strange reason, some cosmic interception it just didn’t. You can’t seem to find your clothes. The ones you picked out last night. So you put together some absolutely ridiculous ensemble that doesn’t even fit you properly.

The alarm not going off creates a butterfly effect and you’re late for your train, you take your breakfast with you because you don’t have time to eat it at home, as you open your car door, the container of breakfast flies out of your hands and the somehow the air tight container opens and plants your food in a giant puddle on the ground.

An eye-roll, hoping that this is the last of it. “Oh silly girl, it’s only the beginning” the day seems to chuckle.

The day progressively gets worse, no doubt stringing from the events of the morning. All you can think of is that moment that you get home and hit your head on the pillow. The moment you can finally declare the day a write off and start a fresh for the next day.

What I hope to uncover is the reason behind this strange phenomenon of “The Bad Day”.
Is it written in the stars? Does one have to pay their dues? Are these bad days perpetrated by something more sinister, or are they only as real as we make them?

I think bad days only exist in our minds. If our beliefs control our actions on a subconscious level then maybe its just us making it worse by preemptively perpetuating the bad stuff.

As humans, we seek order in an essentially random world, this is why we see the patterns within the coincidences of a bad day. We are always looking for order, and seek it in order to make sense of our existence.

So, think about this when you’re having a bad day, and focus on the good commonalities rather than the bad. Tomorrow is another day.

Photo Credit Illusion

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